We’re growing vibrantly! Welcome, Keith.

Agnus Consulting is pleased to welcome our newest member Keith Wong, who recently joined our team as a Senior Consultant. Within this role, Keith will work with the team to extend our geographic coverage, while collaborating with other consultants and clients to support and develop client leaders in critical roles.

Before joining Agnus Consulting, Keith racked up over a decade of experience in creating and delivering business education content. He also led a number of teams, serving organizations in the technology, hospitality, and tertiary education sectors. His work included developing and introducing new business models and coaching teams for higher performance.

We asked Keith a few questions …

Why did you choose to join Agnus Consulting?

I am eagerly looking forward to meeting with clients from diverse industries and geographies, and working with them to solve critical management and leadership challenges. Agnus Consulting gives me an excellent platform to use my experience in strategic analysis, field interviewing and case writing in ways that will deliver rapid impact.

Which work experience are you most proud of?

After assuming a leadership role for an international organization, I took responsibility for hosting a major annual meeting almost immediately. At that time, my superior was on leave due to an urgent medical condition. I therefore had to develop the plan, prioritize all the tasks and lead my team in arranging all the logistics within two months. Part of the challenge was that almost the entire team was also newly recruited. The annual meeting went very well with every single team member making visible and substantial contributions, thereby gaining the confidence of the organization’s key stakeholders. I was very proud that the team exceeded all expectations and collaborated so well in such a stressful situation. And they did this with high spirits throughout.

What do you do in your leisure time?

During holidays, I often guide tours of film locations, historical buildings, and war relics in and around Hong Kong. I believe this city has a lot to tell on the cultural and historical sides beyond its (perhaps better known) glamour and success in finance and commerce. I also enjoy running and hiking in the heart of the city or in our beautiful country parks, or doing both at the same time as seen in the picture.

How do your close co-workers/friends usually describe you?

One of my favourite quotes from my colleagues is that “Keith knows something about everything, and can offer well-rounded perspectives on most topics.” Others see me as “a strategic thinker and doer who inspires people, understands team members’ strengths and weaknesses, and makes good use of limited resources.”