Welcome new joiner – Lucy

Agnus Consulting is pleased to welcome our newest member Lucy Qian, who joined the team as a Senior Consultant, Leadership Development. Within this role, Lucy will support clients to develop and strengthen their leadership capabilities by designing, delivering and managing a series of leadership development workshops, coaching leaders, facilitating leadership gatherings and more.

Before joining Agnus Consulting, Lucy developed learning and development strategies for organizations to enhance talent capabilities, build a winning climate and achieve better business results. She also coached individuals to unleash their potential and accelerate their careers.

Lucy is a passionate professional. A previous colleague of hers says that “she has deep passion for knowledge sharing and strives to make a community of open learning and self-development”. Those she has worked with are typically inspired by her positive energy. Born in the hottest day of a year, Lucy is a typical Leo, the sign of the sun. But she is allergic to sunlight (known as photic sneeze reflex). She sneezes whenever she is exposed directly to the sun.

Please join us in welcoming Lucy to the team!