This weekend: break the mould

This weekend: challenge the status quo! Do something fresh, something new, something different, something that breaks the mould. Get out of your comfort zone. This does not have to mean doing something outwardly spectacular like paragliding or skydiving. Here are some suggestions:

Call up an old friend that tell them what they mean to you.

Go visit a new part of town, one that you have not yet discovered and take in the sights, the smells, the sounds … while you envisage what it is like living there.

Show vulnerability – choose to open up to someone who is close to you.

Speak with a stranger and ask them a meaningful question, like “What are the events that have truly shaped you?” OR “What excites you at this moment?” OR “What is your aspiration for the coming year?”

In short … get out of your comfort zone. Personally, I have an exciting (and slightly scary) conversation planned.

What will YOU do to go “where the magic happens”?

I wish you a fabulous weekend!

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