Small steps lead to big changes

Our team just finished a leadership development journey using PotentialLife’s behavioural change system (

We find the journey of staying SHARP deeply meaningful to unlock peak performance, i.e., exercise our Strengths, stay Healthy and energised, be Absorbed in what we are doing, maintain authentic and positive Relationships, and live Purposefully. We are delighted that our team scores are above the global average in all these aspects!

Below are some reflections from our team. If you are interested in exploring this journey with your team or organization, please contact us.

“Small steps lead to big changes. I really appreciate the data- and reflection-driven process, as it allows me to build new habits that are otherwise not easy to create.”

“A peer-supported learning environment not only makes change easier, but also makes our team stronger.”

“The deep sharing and reflection with team members makes me believe that it IS possible to achieve change even when the team members are not co-located.”

“I have probably read more than 100 related books and facilitated over 1000 sessions on similar topics, but I still find fresh angles from the online modules and discussions with my team. I never got bored as we went through the materials.”