Wilderness trail

Supporting personal growth, transformation and leadership development

What is it?
A walk or hike over several days in country parks / national forests / national parks, interspersed with lightly facilitated contemplative conversation among participants. The trail can also be organized in kayaks where we spend the nights ashore and paddle by day.

How do we do it?
Our facilitators are seasoned hikers and know the routes well, so that the participants are freed from concern about logistics, finding the right route etc. Facilitators come prepared with stories, activities and questions that support mediation while we walk and have vibrant conversations during breaks/meals. Each participant is free to choose his or her optimal combination of silent mediation, listening, engaging and advocating.

What is the value?
A chance to pursue renewal in a beautiful environment, largely disconnected from daily distractions. A chance for each participant to gain perspective on their personal circumstances and how they fit into the broader context that is important to them.