Team alignment

Working with you to solve real problems and develop your team and organization

What is it?
The development or strengthening of a shared sense of purpose, an agreement of the direction to choose, a commitment to ground rules that will govern the collaboration. Often this is coupled with a deeper understanding of other team members and a greater appreciation for other team members.

How do we do it?
Typically, such alignment is achieved in a workshop lasting 1-2 days. Using a proven process, we create a psychologically safe environment where participants can air values, aspirations, concerns, grievances, and constraints without this becoming destructive. We modulate the conversations to steer away from destructive conflict, but also to steer away from superficial politeness. Together we ensure courageous, authentic, vulnerable and respectful exchanges that build bridges and lay the foundation for productive, enjoyable collaboration going forward.

What is the value?
A flourishing team with deeper understanding that collaborates better for greater impact.