Mediation and reconciliation

Working with you to solve real problems and develop your team and organization

What is it?
A proven approach to bring people together where disappointment, hurt and grievances have reduced trust, while there is a desire or even a need to continue to work together.

How do we do it?
We create an environment where participants come to believe that they can be honest, candid and authentic and speak their truth. It is also an environment where participants commit to listening deeply and strive to understand other perspectives. We start by agreeing the objectives of the mediation. We then establish ground rules for the exchange. Following on from this, through a series of steps we seek common ground, appreciation in the midst of the hurt and acknowledgement of pain. This lays the foundation for exploring the path forward.

What is the value?
A sense of being seen, heard and understood. Through this a sense of acceptance and dignity. (Partially) restored trust and the commitment to continue to strengthen trust. An agreement on how to restore productive collaboration. A commitment to concrete next steps and to a set of guidelines that help secure effective collaboration.