Facilitated workshops

Supporting personal growth, transformation and leadership development

What is it?
Team and other groups regularly benefit from external facilitation to achieve a particular objective. Examples: stronger alignment, careful deliberation ahead of a critical decision, capability building, clarifying vision, and prioritization of resources.

How do we do it?
In close collaboration with the sponsor we will clarify objectives and desired outcomes and outputs. We will then design the workshop in a creative manner, typically involving a number of different elements such as presentations, group work, personal journaling, scoring / assessments, open discussions role plays, real plays and brain writing. The design will focus strongly on ensuring that the group achieves its target outcomes.

What is the value?
External facilitation can help the group overcome undesirable interaction patterns influenced by history and hierarchy. This helps ensure all voices are heard, challenge people to think and collaborate in new ways, and unleash creativity. We will hold up the mirror and comment on unhelpful behaviors in the team – for example exaggerated politeness that prevents the team from tackling real issues.