Creating organizational vision, mission and values

Working with you to solve real problems and develop your team and organization

What is it?
A structured process to develop and/or articulated a shared vision, a shared mission and shared values – not as nice, but empty words, but truly flowing from a shared sense of purpose and speaking to the deep values of the organization – whether this be a team, a business unit, a project or some other group.

How do we do it?
Individually and as a group we explore values, sense of meaning and source of passion. We move on to assessing the distinctiveness of our contribution and the characteristics of the community or target group we are serving. Through a series of structured conversations and exercises we derive vision, mission and values that are authentic and have deep roots in shared beliefs. This typically leads to a set of personal stories that bring the vision and mission to life.

What is the value?
A deep sense of commitment to a common vision. Because this has been derived in an authentic manner, it tends to be contagious and inspiring to followers.