Tor Mesoy

Founder & Managing Director

“Having worked closely with many senior leaders as a partner in McKinsey and Accenture, I founded Agnus Consulting in 2011 to serve clients globally on topics of leadership and organizational transformation. We believe that real transformation only happens in organizations when leaders are prepared to transform themselves – as the inner game drives the outer game. Value-driven, we build lasting relationships with senior leaders to shape world-class organizations.”

Yan Liu

Director, Associate Partner

“Being part of Agnus Consulting has been a challenging and rewarding experience. While we support leaders in developing their people and organization, we also walk the talk – we embrace difficult and meaningful conversations, we support and challenge each other, we are invested in each other’s growth and well-being, we put our values in action, and we work with a deep sense of purpose.”

Melody Ruan

Project Leader

“At Agnus Consulting, we strive for excellence. We are deeply invested in the success of global organizations and senior leaders that we work with, through leadership and organizational transformations. We are equally committed to the growth of our own team members, both professionally and personally. Every day at Agnus Consulting presents an opportunity for me to reflect, grow, and create great value.”

Nick Chatrath

Affiliate Partner

“At Agnus Consulting, we seek to nurture future-leading organisations that have the vision, resources, love and strategies to help people and our planet thrive. This ambition inspires me. We create environments where leaders generate their finest thinking about themselves, their teams and their organisation. From my career at McKinsey and in tech-startups and research, I realised that I am passionate about learning, and Agnus encourages this passion at every opportunity.”


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