Increase physical activity as work: starting from meetings

Our team finished the Level I leadership development programme with Potentialife. As we review and prepare for Level II, we received our team statistics on the five SHARP areas: Strength, Health, Absorption, Relationships, Purpose.

We are well above the global average in many areas such as using our strengths, having a sense of purpose… But, to our surprise, we scored below average in terms of physical activity, during the week we were logging our daily activities. Maybe that happened to be a week where most of us need to sit a lot for meetings, write, think … instead of needing to move a lot… Still, it was a good reminder of the importance of physical activity.

Spurred by this low score, my colleague Claire and I moved the venue of our regular catchup from our office to a 2-hour hiking route in Lung Fu Shan. We covered all the topics we planned, and went back to office with sore muscles, energised for the remaining of the day. I certainly well exceeded my daily exercising target!

We liked this experiment a lot. We plan to move more meetings to mountains, gardens, play grounds… You are most welcome to join us while we try out more venues in nature 🙂

What do you do to keep yourself and your team physically active?