The organization: A small, growing, global consulting firm with a strong focus on leadership development. We have been enjoying growth and increasing success since 2011. Our firm currently takes ~3000 leaders through our leadership programs every year. We deliver leadership programs in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia – often in the relevant local languages. We engage in executive coaching, top-team alignment and organization development. We also support strategy work and organizational transformation work. We currently have offices in the UK, the EU, India and China. We operate with ~15 employees and with ~150 freelance associates, to deliver value to our clients. We serve clients on the Fortune 500 list, in the public and charitable sectors, and in the start-up / scale-up community.

Location: Preferred location is India, as this is where most of our Operations Team members are based. We are also open for this role to be based in UK or Hong Kong where we have members.
The work can largely be performed remotely. However, we have found that time in-person in the office with the whole team is a vital part of building the culture and practices that help us thrive and perform. Therefore, establishing a rhythm such as two team days in the office every two weeks may be an important part of success in this role. There will likely be a few trips each year to other offices for co-working and team bonding.

The role: We are looking for an inspiring person who will fill the dual role as Global Operations Manager and head of our India office (even if not based in India), with the aspiration to grow with the firm and become the global COO. The Global Operations Manager role entails:

  • Leading our global Operations Team with a high-challenge / high-support style, ensuring operational excellence in a way that engages, inspires and grows people
    • Ensuring our Operations Team is inspired and productive, and that the team maintains focus on delivering stellar client service
    • Taking ownership of continuous improvement to streamline internal processes to help ensure great client service and high efficiency
    • Mentoring Ops members to enhance their skills, improve performance, strengthen ownership, and realize their potentials
    • Owning key operational tools and managing them on a day-to-day basis (e.g. program conducts matrices; invoice trackers; financial projection tools…)
    • Leading the work to onboard new clients who engage us – this requires attention to detail, as some of our clients contract with us to take 1000+ of their leaders through our programs every year
  • Ensuring compliance
    • Interfacing with lawyers, accountants, auditors, bankers etc. in the countries where we have a legal presence to ensure that all our operations are fully compliant with local laws and regulations and that all government filings are delivered as required
    • Taking the lead on opening new offices as our global practice grows – with primary focus on establishing the legal presence (as opposed to building our reputation, winning client work and delivering engagements in the new location)
  • Teaming with the consultants
    • Working with the consultants to ensure that we form one integrated team that delivers distinctive client experiences (and taking responsibility for the operations part of this integrated team)
    • Freeing up the consultants to do what they do best – building relationships with client, delivering executive coaching, facilitating programs etc. Consultants will rejoice when they can rely on smooth, predictable, internal operations
    • Engaging in an inspiring, high-quality way with the firm’s other leaders, ensuring that they have the information they need to make decisions
  • Playing a role in leading and growing the firm
    • Aligning with firm leadership on the long-term vison for the Ops team
    • Executing plans to build a high-performing Ops team that will support the growth of the firm
    • Agreeing on the pace of this role’s growth into COO, including succession plans for other Ops roles to ensure the team’s stability and resilience

The personal characteristics, qualifications, and leadership style that will contribute to success:

  • Personal characteristics: Skillful at building trust and a shared sense of purpose, self-driven, vulnerable, self-starter, impact-oriented, analytical, warm, kind, inspiring, gracious, fun-loving. We consider these to be as important as the technical qualifications. This is why we list the personal characteristics first.
  • Leadership style: Balanced in two critical aspects of leadership: a) having strong technical capabilities and are highly effective at getting things done, b) being excellent at empowering team members, delegating and growing people.
  • Qualifications: the role is a ‘broad’ leadership role, and does not require deep expertise in any one area. A working knowledge of / experience with a broad range of domains is, however, required. These include people performance management, training, recruiting, organizational design, process management / process optimization (experience with Lean / six sigma will be appreciated, but is not required), accounting, auditing and financial forecasting. We will want to see documentation of a track record of building and leading an effective and inspired team, interacting effectively with (other) senior leaders, and establishing a new office.

Who might find this role attractive? We are a strongly values-driven organization, and we strive for excellence in everything we do. We are deeply convinced that as we help leaders navigate complexity and deepen their consciousness, we enable leaders to flourish. We think that this has untold positive ramifications for leaders’ teams, families, organizations and communities. A person who wants to sign up for such work would find it deeply meaningful and rewarding to join our team.
We have a strong feedback culture: we truly consider feedback to be a gift, and we practice generosity in this domain. We have an open, transparent culture and members of our team tend to develop deep trust and strong friendships with one another. A person with a strong growth mindset and with lots of curiosity may well thrive in this role.

Compensation: commensurate with experience and track record.


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