Case Writing for Education and Leadership Development

Our team member Keith Wong (@Keith on Linkedin, not applicable for company website) will be a panellist at the upcoming Case Teaching Conference (Dec 3, 2018) in the Chinese University of Hong Kong: Case-based Teaching in the Current Changing Higher Education Environment. At the conference, Keith will share his experience in developing cases for Harvard Business School and how C-suite executives can benefit from being involved in the exercise of writing such cases.

Formerly a senior researcher at Harvard Business School, Keith co-authored more than 30 business cases covering diverse industries such as real estates, grocery retail, internet services and hardware manufacturing across China, Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Among our clients we see rising interest in “cases” as a tool to capture organizational culture and memory, and to serve as a learning/teaching tool. We regularly use such cases in our leadership development. This conference is a great opportunity to share practices with the broader community. Contact us if you want to know more.