Grow with us

After enjoying sustained growth and success over several years, we are keen to expand the firm! Our client and engagement pipeline is healthy, and we will grow as fast as we can find outstanding people who will work with us to deliver exceptional value for clients.

We are always looking for inspiring new team members and we are currently recruiting people at all levels in Asia and in Europe.

We are hiring at all levels

Depending on your experience and seniority we would typically engage you in…

  • Designing, managing and delivering leadership development programs for organizations in the public, private and social sectors
  • Engaging with clients confidently and professionally to understand their personal aspirations and needs for their organization – many of our clients are senior professionals from world-class organizations
  • Orchestrating assessment for individuals, teams, and organizations to better understand their leadership skills, strengths, potential and their leadership culture
  • Coaching individuals to deepen their self-awareness, support their personal learning, and develop their leadership capabilities
  • Undertaking other responsibilities depending on the firm’s need and your interest, e.g., administration, research, knowledge capital creation, public speaking, writing articles or books, other reputation building, recruiting etc.
  • For senior positions, we expect the person to guide and mentor junior consultants to help them grow and mature personally and professionally

You will be joining a global network of practitioners to support leaders in building impactful organizations. We expect you to be keen to learn and embrace challenges which will help you grow professionally and make a positive impact in society. You can expect to have substantial freedom to shape your role. We distribute tasks and engagements across the members of our team, and we take personal passion and interests into account when we jointly discuss who takes on which task / responsibility / engagement.
In our recruiting, we focus more on character and values than on formal qualifications and certificates. Still, the following may be helpful.

We look for people who…

  • Are graduates of top universities with an outstanding record of academic achievements in the top 10% (Master’s degree preferred)
  • Are good at quantitative and analytical, structured thinking
  • Have a strong sense of ownership and take full responsibility for the tasks s/he takes on
  • Have a passion for personal development and leadership development (e.g., executive coaching, learning, organizational development)
  • Have curiosity and an open mind with eagerness to learn and grow
  • Are willing to travel, to serve client needs
  • Have full professional fluency in English
  • Possess at least one other language; for our Hong Kong location we would expect fluency in Cantonese or Mandarin

We would want more junior people to co-locate with us. Currently we have offices in Hong Kong, the Netherlands the UK, and India. More senior people may be able to work from any location.

You need to be a team player who is eager to work with a small, rapidly growing team to shape a new organization. You must be able to thrive in an entrepreneurial environment where you can contribute to growing the impact of our service. Above all, you need to have character: total integrity, professionalism and an attitude of servant leadership.

We offer…

  • A firm that is enjoying great success and healthy growth
  • A non-hierarchical, entrepreneurial and caring working environment where you can take charge of your own work.  We value the friendships we enjoy with our colleagues, and we cultivate a spirit of openness and candor
  • A team culture that supports your growth by regularly putting you out of your comfort zone, with guidance, regular feedback, support, psychological safety and space for you to shape your own path
  • An opportunity to change the world by working with the most senior people in leading organizations to raise their self-awareness, their ability to inspire others and their ability to lead forcefully
  • An attractive remuneration package depending on your level of experience, your track record and your impact


To find out more, or to signal your interest in joining us, please send your resume, cover letter and transcripts from University and high school to

We look forward to hearing from you!