The Threshold: Leading in the Age of AI

Musings on Leadership

Nick Chatrath presents a groundbreaking approach for leaders in various organizations to embrace the technological advancements of the AI age, such as ChatGPT. He emphasizes the utilization of human traits and abilities to achieve success.
– Description generated by AI (ChatGPT)

“Drawing from the ideas and practices that guided our most successful organizations through past technological revolutions, The Threshold illuminates how accessing advanced stages of human development can be both competitive and harmonious with AI’s growing insinuation into our working world.” – Description generated by human beings

Tired of reading leadership literature with grandiose promises and complex models? Disillusioned by all the hype? Ready to glean inspiration for your leadership from the many examples all around us, in our daily lives? In Musings on Leadership, we share anecdotes from daily life and reflect on what they mean for us as leaders. The book is for anyone who is open to spending a quiet hour or so reflecting on leadership and its many facets. The Musings are short – typically 2-3 pages, so you can easily pick this up and grab a ‘snack’ during your daily commute.